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Your Guide To Investments Beyond The Ordinary – For Sophisticated Investors, Globally Mobile High Earners, Institutional & Family Investors”.

What we do, why we exist and how we help hundreds of successful, sophisticated and  individual investors and institutions.

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The Alternative Investments Platform is run by a collection of people working in the financial industry in various capacities and across various sectors. Since 1993 we have been providing valuable information to our subscribers and clients about the alternative investment marketplace and the opportunities possible therein. Once, exclusively the preserve of institutional and very wealthy family investors, these instruments and funds are now available to sophisticated investors, globally mobile high earners, entrepreneurs, and HNW individuals like you. This means our subscription list has grown expotentially over the last few years.

Our ‘ALPHA List’ comprises of individuals and institutions from all across the world with whom we have developed a long term relationship. Due to the quality of our services and insights into the funds available our ALPHA list are happy to pay €10K+ to join this exclusive group. For this they recieve our bi-monthly newsletter, replete with analysis and recomendations, and our online consultations – as required, and last, but by no means least, our advanced ‘heads up‘ service – for this we often travel personally to visit our subscribers and assist in various capacities especially in Switzerland, Southern and Eastern Europe, the Caribbean, North Africa, SE Asia and the Middle East. Wherever our ALPHA list subscribers may be and whenever we have spotted another potentially excellent investment opportunity.
NB: This subscription list is closed and can be joined by invitation and recommendation only. Sorry.

Our ‘Beta List’ recieve our occasional newsletter containing information on high performing alternative investment vehicles; out there in the marketplace, and available to the discerning and well informed investor. You have the opportunity to claim your place on this list below.

FREE subscription offer for 2020 (Normal subscription rate €275 per annum).

As a guide to innovative investment solutions, we strive to provide an unrivalled insight into a selection of the very best alternative investment products, that is underpinned by years of experience and success in the field. Our raison d’etre is to deliver an outstanding range of funds and discretionary services, helping sophisticated investors and institutions to diversify their portfolios, mitigate risk and provide better risk adjusted returns on investments that are not correlated to traditional markets or asset classes ie: the alternative investment market.

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Information. The key to succesful investment. Due to our long years of experience in the industry and our international and offshore networks we understand the often complicated obligations that need to be satisfied in each country we operate in, the ongoing regulatory requirements to remain compliant and lawful, and how to construct and develop bespoke, robust, alternative investment strategies – suitable to all your requirements and your individual situation. We have a deep level of knowledge and experience across the globe, creating a powerful and efficient  understanding of our subscribers needs. We work alongside leading global financial institutions both onshore and offshore, entrepeneurs, private banks, family offices and wealth managers with the goal of delivering succesful investment solutions to our subscribers and clients.

The Alternative Investment Platform enables you identify the highest performing, the most secure and most promising alternative investment opportunities.

“We provide the knowledge & experience you need to make informed and responsible investment decisions”.

We pride ourselves in being ahead of the game by identifying where the industry is going and when. Join Us – Suscribe NOW.

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Many people still think of alternatives as high-risk, somewhat exotic funds exclusively reserved for ultra-high-net-worth individuals and institutions. The reality is that alternative investments should be an integral part of almost every sophisticated investor’s portfolio.

Explore the world of Alternative Investments.

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