This Loan Note Pays The Investor 12% p.a. or 24% over 2 years – AIP Recommended Product

AIP Recommended Product:


The Investor gains 12% p.a. or 24% on this loan note over 2 years

  • Experienced Team
  • Simple Process
  • Biannual Payments
  • Competitive Returns


A ‘Heads Up’ On A Very Attractive Loan Note Offer

Invest Into A Very Strong U.K Property Fund With Excellent Performance Metrics

& A Fund Management Team With An Excellent Track Record

The issuer of this loan note has an enviable reputation as a distinctive property development and investment company, with multiple on-going schemes across the UK.

A message from the fund management team reads…

“The strength of the Group is our people. They bring with them a passion for what they do, integrity for how they work, experience in their respective sectors and a strong entrepreneurial flair to drive the Group forward.”

The company is a UK focused regional property development and investment business. The business invests in a balanced portfolio of lower and higher-yielding investments with a mix of short, medium and longer-term maturity to optimise the value and timing of returns and cash flows from the investment programme, whilst maintaining an appropriate balance between risk and return.

It is a recognised and highly regarded name in the UK property market and over the years has built a reputation for professionalism, quality, and delivery.

There is a strong pipeline of development and investment opportunities across the UK because of the team’s many years of experience, local knowledge, connections, and networks.

 Non Speculative Project Section Approach

The issuers are experts at mitigating risk by identifying the end-user prior to project and fund commitment. It would be extremely rare for them to be involved with speculative projects.

IFISA Eligibility

ISA Transfer facility is available providing tax-free returns. New IFISA accounts are also available to enable the use of annual ISA allowance. Tax status is individual.


This investment is only available to investors who meet certain net worth or investment sophistication criteria.

Some Good Questions about the loan note - answered

When selecting land sites for development what are the criteria that the fund use?

The fund managers will always look to earn at least a 30% return on project costs. To calculate this they utilise the Argus developer appraisal software as used by all leading developers and agents. The appraisal process is a rigorous one and reflects the continuous drive by the managers to achieve the highest professional standards.
A thorough due diligence exercise is undertaken on all potential projects with any concerns resolved before investment is made.
If this is not possible the investment will not be made.

How are investment decisions made by the fund managers?

All investment decisions are made by the fortnightly the board. The members consists of very experienced members from the contruction and construction consultancy sector.

Why  use loan note funding rather than bank finance?

Bank funding is used from time to time but the company does not rely solely on it. They have developed a multisourcing strategy utilising high net worth and sophisticated investors, institutions as well as family offices.

How does the security work to protect loan note holders?

A security trustee has been appointed to represent the interests of the loan note holders. A first legal charge is held by the security trustee when a land site or building is purchased and in addition the security trustee holds a mortgage debenture over the assets of the company itself.

What happens if the issuer does not obtain planning consent?

Since its inception in 2003, the company executives have been highly successful in obtaining planning consent which reflects the thorough groundwork and liaison that they conduct prior to an application even being formally submitted to planners.

When will interest begin to accrue on my loan note?

As soon as investment funds have been cleared into the fund bank account, interest on the loan notes begins to accrue.

When are interest payments actually paid?

Loan note holders are able to choose when interest payments are to be paid to them.
The choices available are to be paid six monthly or to have interest accrue and be paid after two years.

How are our investment funds utilised?

Funds are utilised to buy land and properties for development or conversion in the Midlands and North of England – U.K.

How long has the company and its management team been operating in the property sector?

The management team have extensive experience of the property sector. The company was started back in 2003. Property Board members each have 40 years construction sector experience.

Do I actually own land or properties?

No, The issuer retain the title of land or property purchases. Investors are effectively providing a secured loan to the issuer.

Is there a risk that the company will not be able to source enough land and property opportunities to develop?

They a large pipeline of potential projects that are coming through from its extensive network of agents and advisers. This has been built up since 2003 and now is extensive.

How will I know when my investment has been received by the fund?

Investors receive a welcome letter and loan note instrument sent to them directly. They also receive a a gift sent to their home thanking them for the investment.

Is there any currency risk when I invest in the fund?

The fund is solely investing in the UK so there is no remittance exchange risk. Funds are received  in pound sterling, paid out in pound sterling on project costs and the interest payments and return of investment are also made in pound sterling.

How will I know how the company are getting on?

All investors receive the twice-monthly newsletter which sets out regional market news, project development updates and office openings and staff recruitment activity.

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