Second Citizenship

Your wealth protection solution could be to have an alternative citizenship.

Obtain a passport via investment.

Citizenship is a commodity that can be obtained or purchased to ensure a better life and limit risk.

Tax Efficiency & Second Citizenship

It’s possible to confuse citizenship, ordinary residency and tax residency as one. There are distinct.

  • It is possible to be a tax resident in the country without being a permanent resident and vice-versa.
  • You can be a tax resident in a country without being a citizen and you can also become a citizen without being a tax resident!

While each of these statuses has some relation to each other it is important to note the differences. Contact us and we can advise on this through our expert legal contacts.

NB: If you are an American citizen, it makes little difference whether you reside in the country or not, because you are always going to be taxed by virtue of being a US citizen.

Our professional tax advisor contacts can assist you in clarifying any concerns.

second citizenship

There can be myriad advantages.


  • An EU Passport is obtainable for you and your family. You are able to settle wherever you want in the EU. Many other passports are available and all have their own advantages. The benefits gathered differ from one country to another.
  • Globally mobile high earners and ultra-high-net-worth individuals have the possibility to take advantage of the many possibilities offered via global citizenship.
  • It can present new investment opportunities that you don’t have access to at home.
  • Astute entrepreneurs can move their business offshore, reduce their tax to as low as 0%, and re-invest all the extra money in the business.
  • With two or more citizenships, you dramatically increase your freedom to travel wherever you wish.
  • You have the freedom to live the way you want, and the freedom to escape problems at home.
  • You have the freedom to avoid high tax rates.

An option for sophisticated investors only.

NB: There are extensive fees involved and a minimum investment of $250K-$500K should be expected – and up to $2.5M for an EU Passport.

EU Passport

There’s No Place Like Home

Everybody has a feeling for the place they were born.

Many of us are ‘lucky’ to be born in a place where we feel secure. However, the reality may be that you are in a country that is:

  • Politically unstable over the short or long term
  • Economically unstable
  • Even at war with another country.

There are countries around the world where it is prudent to live in secure, gated compounds, surronded by fences and where there is armed personnel at the gates.

Where if you stop in your car you can end up in a situation that leaves you with a gun pointed at your  head.

If you go down the wrong street, or enter the ‘wrong’ neighbourhood you will meet trouble.

This means you are constantly living in a very stressful situation. Worried for the personal safety of you and your family, and worried about protecting your property and asssets.

Even worse, and most destressingly, you will always be concerned that you will be attacked or your children kidnapped or extorted.

You might be very wealthy and living well, enjoying the life you have built – but you know you are in constant potential danger and feel uneasy.

If your hard earned wealth cannot easily protect you and your family what is it for?

One of the things HNW individuals want is the option to relocate their family to a safe environment where they do not need to worry about what will happen to them when they leave the security of the home.

This is what a second citizenship or permanent residency can grant you –  freedom of movement to safer countries and peace of mind.

Having the right to reside in a country other than your own is incredible insurance. You are safe in the knowledge that you can pick up and leave with your family and continue your life in a in a more secure enviroment.


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Second Citizenship

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