Legal Cannabis As An investment opportunity

Growing Fast with high returns on investments

Many countries around the world have recognised and acknowledged the possibilities for high income from a legal cannabis trade. The  use of cannabis, illegal or legal, whether it be medical or recreational; has always been significant and is  increasing around the world.

There is now a regulated market in many countries. Companies are seeing huge growth, especially in countries like Canada, where recreational use became legal in 2018. Many states in the USA have followed suit.

Would you consider legal cannabis as an alternative investment? Explore the rapidly growing market that is developing.

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Alternative Investment Strategies-Cannabis
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Legal cannabis has many many uses beyond the recreational.


Cannabis stock is becoming a very popular investment as the legalisation process rolls out. More than 20 US states have legalised cannabis for medical or recreational purposes (or both), and Canada moved to legalise recreational cannabis use for adults in 2018.

Legal global cannabis sales grew 48% to $15 Billion in 2018/2019.

The legal marijuana market is projected to be worth $73.6 Billion By 2027.

Thinking about investing in cannabis stock? The marijuana industry produces both ‘medical use’ and ‘recreational use’ marijuana.

Medical marijuana is successfully used to treat conditions like anxiety, depression, pain and stress, using various means of administartion, such as foods and drinks, or inhalable or vaping products. There are also the related CBD products. Recreational use refers to using cannabis for the psychoactive attributes of THC, the so called ‘active’ chemical in cannabis.

There are three main types of companies to invest into: the marijuana growers, the cannabis-focused biotechs firms, and the wide range of support companies that provide growing products and infrastructure to the marijuana growers. These include such things as hydroponic growing units and UV lighting systems.


Medical marijuana growing


Do your research! We can help of course. These are the steps to invest in cannabis stock.

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  • Choose which cannabis company you will be investing in. You can choose from  businesses that either directly produce legal marijuana, invest into biotech companies, or other companies that assist in production through infrastructure.
  •  Remember, the cannabis sector can be very volatile and there are numerous risks behind this investment.

“Cannabis can be a “good investment opportunity”, as long as marijuana stocks and funds are mixed into a diverse investment portfolio, and is earmarked for “no more than 10% of the entire portfolio”,
Jim Fitzpatrick, a board member at Kodiak Capital Group, LLC in Newport Beach, Ca.

 In conclusion; the legal cannabis market is new, rapidly expanding, and facing a great deal of ‘hype’ directed to investors. Iinvestors thinking that they are playing it safe by buying into companies that have already emerged as big names in the nascent space may like to connsider this aspect. On the other hand of course, these investments could pay off with a tremendous ROI possible as the market grows.

We will continue to watch the market and report back…

marijuana as investment

The legal recreational marijuana marketplace is growing. Profits are high.

Looking for something less uncertain than cannabis as an investment?

Some Alternative Investments that meet the criteria you may be looking for:

  • To protect your wealth.
  • To diversify your portfolio.
  • To hedge against volatility and inflation.
  • To increase your tax efficiency.
  • Gain yeild.

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