Are you sick & Tired?

Have you watched your investments tumble during the latest crash?

Is this, perhaps, not the first time over the lifespan of your investments?

You are not alone!

Stock market values around the globe have been decimated on fears of what the Coronavirus will mean for the global economy.

Take a glance at these figures. An index for predicting volatility in the stock market has skyrocketed post virus.

The VIX Index is a score based on the stocks of the top 500 companies in the U.S. market and measures the expectation of volatility. Below 10 is low, and a score above 20 is high.

Since news of the coronavirus broke in early January, the VIX score has increased, hitting a high of 18.32 on January 30.
In February the VIX rose yet again to a high of 26.50.
On February 28, the VIX shot up to 48.3.
As of March 18, the index has climbed even higher to reach over 83, the highest it’s been since the huge crash in 2008.

This has meant dramatic losses for anyone invested into the traditional markets.

So what’s the answer? Grin and bear it?

Portfolio down? Your not alone!

Enjoying the ride?

There is an ‘Alternative’…

There is an alternative…

The value of fiduciary financial advice grows exponentially when times are tough

We highly recommend assessing your own personal risk tolerance and diversifying investments. Since alternatives tend to behave differently than typical stock and bond investments, adding them to a portfolio may provide broader diversification, reduce risk and enhance returns. Investors should, of course, always choose alternatives that align with their personal goals.

We have said this before and we will say it again. An intelligent asset allocation that is designed around your risk tolerance and is truly diversified is your best defense against coronavirus market volatility, and it will be your best defense against the next bout of market volatility as well.

It’s a fact: During the 2008 financial crisis, alternative investment options held their own predominately. You may well have noticed traditional investments didn’t do so well.

The message now?


Consider an alternative. Fixed income investments, provide income of course, but also help the investor to buffer volatility from the traditional equity side of the portfolio. You should increase your fixed income allocation.


Employ alternative investment strategies that don’t mirror the performance of traditional stock and bond markets. Use these strategies to help reduce risk and further diversify your portfolio.


Mitigate volatility and seek dependable income and smooth out the ride.
 A portfolio that diversifies across a variety of complementary equity, fixed income, and alternative asset classes can be a way to smooth out traditional investment rough ride while providing an lucrative and attractive source of income.


These suggestions don’t just apply during volatile markets—they provide diversification benefits that can serve your long-term needs as well. To take advantage of these strategies you may subscribe below, taking advantage of our current FREE subscription offer.

The key to Success…

The Alternative Investment Platform enables you identify the highest performing, the most secure and most promising alternative investment opportunities.

“We provide the knowledge & experience you need to make informed and responsible investment decisions”.


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