Discover The Wealth Building Power Of Whisky Investment

One of the worlds most lucrative investments is being overlooked by most investors.

Scotch whisky generates more than £5 billion in annual sales volume.

The industry and it’s investors have greatly increased their ROI as the appreciation of fine whiskey has spread around the world. You now have the opportunity to share in this by adding whisky investments to your alternative investment portfolio.

What Is Whisky Investment? How does whisky investment works…

As soon as whisky is removed from the cask and bottled, the aging process stops. Once bottled, whisky does not mature with age, its particular, individual characteristics will remain the same almost indefinitely; and it’s value will be solely dictated by changes in demand for the particular brand.

Whisky in the cask remains active. For this reason, the purchase of whole casks offers a far more interesting and lucrative investment opportunity. By holding whisky casks, investors can achieve maximum returns on their investment.


Alternative InvestmentStrategies-whisky investment

We have to admit – we love this asset!

Alternative InvestmentStrategies-whisky investment

Invest in cask whisky.

The Power Of Maturation

For many years astute, forward thinking investors have built substantial wealth by capitalising on the economics of the whisky industry.

Investing in whisky casks offers the opportunity to capitalise on the natural appreciation of the single malt as it matures over time. Whisky investment brings diversity to any portfolio by delivering exceptional historical returns with the added security of a ‘tangible asset’ that is surging in demand.

The minimum period of maturation is set by law in Scotland. 3 years in oak casks is the minimum requirement, but many whiskies are allowed to mature for much longer. The more time the whisky spends in the specialised barrel, the more it ‘mellows’ and draws both colour and flavour from the oak wood. Whisky continues to improve and increase in value over decades.

Now, you can put the power of whisky investment to work in your own portfolio. Contact us here to find out more information.

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