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A guide not only for very high-net-worth investors, institutional, & international family offices,  – but also for sophisticated and wealthy investors looking to diversify and improve their portfolios.

This is your guide to the sector and your key to knowledge about some of the highest performing alternative investment vehicles available on the market today.

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To explore the alternatives to traditional investments, and make informed, responsible, and above all, successful investment decisions.

What Are Alternative Investments?

Simply defined, alternatives are investments in assets other than stocks, bonds and cash, which are typically sold as pension plans; or investments using strategies that go beyond more traditional methods, such as long/short or arbitrage strategies.

They often vary from traditional investments on grounds on regulatory mechanism, complexity, liquidity, and method of fund management.

During the 2008 financial crisis, alternative investment options held their own predominately. Traditional investments didn’t do so well. And now we are in yet another stage of volatility in the traditional markets.

“An intelligent asset allocation that is designed around your risk tolerance and is truly diversified is your best defense against coronavirus market volatility, and it will be your best defense against the next bout of market volatility as well.”

Now is the time to diversify. Alternative investments tend to provide a greater return, even when the market is tough, volatile, or slow.

Explore the alternatives.

Why Choose Alternative Investment Strategies?

With the emergence and growth of these alternative investment vehicles, the investment market is overflowing with options like never before – and the sector continues to grow apace.

We provide a guide to these vehicles – and can recommend some alternative investment sectors, and even some individual opportunities, which are currently well outperforming traditional investments.
( See “5 Of The Best Alternative Investment Vehicles on The Market – 2020” below… )

“Diversification, tax benefits, volatility mitigation and higher returns define the essence of alternative investments – but you need to put in very thorough due diligence before investing in them. That’s how ‘The Alternative Investment Platform’ can help you plan your investments and secure the future you need.”

One of the primary goals of investment in alternative classes is to reduce risk or exposure through portfolio diversification. With low correlation to traditional asset classes like equity and bonds, alternatives can be a beneficial way to diversify your portfolio. Adding them to a portfolio can also offer various tax incentives, enhance returns, be used as an inflation hedge, as well as reduce risk.

All of these factors we analyse in depth before recommending particular vehicles or market sectors. We aim to provide the knowledge & experience you require to make informed, responsible – and above all successful  investment decisions.

For all alternative Investments knowledge is the key.

But Which Alternatives?

What Are The Best Assets, Sectors or Strategies To Invest Into?


lternatives represent different approaches to investing across an increasingly large variety of markets and asset classes.

A good way to think about alternative investments is to differentiate between two aspects:

  • The contents – the assets or strategies that determine how individual investments might be expected to perform.
  • The containers – the fund structure that will determine transparency and access to capital.

All this is vital information, each part integral to ensuring your money is in the right place at the right time. This is why we offer this guide.

Examples of Alternative Investments

Different types of alternative investments include:

See our guide below to some of the most effective structures and platforms currently out there.


Recommended Alternative Investment Sectors

We have long and highly successful experience within the alternative investment marketplace and have developed an established network within the sector that ensures we have detailed knowledge about some of the most exciting and intriguing projects and platforms out there. We focus on those areas that have big potential rewards, are run by the best, most experienced and success-driven management teams, are showing strong, growth & returns, have excellent security and have advantageous tax benefits. These are the criteria we measure when making any recommendations.

Furthermore, we can highlight specific individual and exceptional investment opportunities, vehicles, and platforms that you, as a discerning and sophisticated investor, should be aware of. We provide the knowledge & experience you need to make informed,  responsible – and above all, successful investment decisions.

Which Is Your Best Entry Into The Market?

You can explore an extensive range of options below. These market sectors contain investment opportunities with a high performance/security/tax efficiency ratio and are operated by dynamic, results driven management with strong experience and a history of success within their sectors –  all as researched by our expert team.

Loan Notes

More Info

Many professional investors are finding that the benefits of investing in developer loan notes are too attractive to ignore.

The high rate of fixed interest paid gives them a huge advantage over the lower and fluctuating yields paid by way of dividends in the stock market.

With investment capital guaranteed, investors don’t suffer the volatility suffered by stock market investors.

Loan Notes – The Most Popular Form of Investing in the Alternative Investment Sector


Healthcare Investments

More Info

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Profit Participation Loans

More Info

alternative investments information

This Fund provides a unique opportunity for investors to benefit in the growth and development of small to medium-sized businesses, through asset backed or secured capital investment.

The fund is providing consistent returns that have outperformed benchmarks compared to traditional asset
classes whilst enabling investors to mitigate risk.

The fund has been focusing on applying short to medium term finance solutions to strategically selected growing businesses through asset backed profit participation loans (PPL’s).


e Commerce & Global Technologies

More Info

Invest in the next wave of fast growth technology businesses.

Become an early and growth stage investor in leading global technology companies.

This offer is from one of the leading early stage investors in technology in the UK, having already raised over £30 million from international family offices and institutional investors.


Structured Notes

More Info

Upside Exposure And A Downside Buffer

A Structured Note allows the purchaser to benefit when the markets move up AND simultaneously be protected when the markets move down; upside exposure and a downside buffer.

On top of that attractive prospect comes the added bonus that a Note can be issued in virtually ANY market or combination of markets, so there’s plenty of choices.

Crypto & Forex

More Info

NOTE WELL: Trading foreign exchange/CFDs with any level of leverage may not be suitable for all investors.

And we highly recommend expert advice before entering this lucrative market. You need security, liquidity, transparency – and an expert team behind you. We can provide you with a bespoke service offering access to the high returns possible in FX – but with a managed risk.


In 2012 our partners in the crypto currency markets created the world’s first Bitcoin hedge fund.
One year later, with assets reaching $100 million, the fund ranked as best performing in history, according to Bloomberg.
Thus far our Bitcoin fund has reached a 10,000% performance.



Second Citizenship via Investment

More Info

Ensure your long-term success with a second residence visa in another country, and a second citizenship, including E.U. countries, as your business insurance policy.


Property Investments

More Info

Property and Real estate can be great investment option.It can generate ongoing passive income and is a good long-term investment if the value increases over time.

  • But where?
  • What are the other benefits of the location?
  • What about legal and tax advice?

We can offer expert guidance and an A-Z pre and post sales service, including options on EU citizenship.


The Pros and Cons of Alternative Investments

“The value of investments can go down as well as up. We can provide the knowledge & experience you need to make informed and responsible investment decisions.”

The Upside of Alternative Investment


lternative investments typically don’t correlate to the stock market, which means they add diversification to a portfolio and help mitigate volatility. They can also offer tax benefits not available in traditional investments.

Like any investment, the rate of return for alternatives is not always guaranteed, but there is potential for it to be higher than that of traditional investments. Proponents of alternatives in the portfolios of high net worth, individual investors maintain they now have access to sophisticated investments and potentially higher returns that until relatively recently were only available to institutions, such as pension funds and foundations, and the extremely wealthy.

In short, besides having your cash more diversified, here are some of the main benefits to alternative investments:

  • Potential for more tax-advantages or sheltered cash flows
  • Protection of volatility in stock mark or elsewhere
  • Access to different assets with higher return potentials

The Risks - Caveat Emptor

Alternative investments are more complex than traditional investment vehicles. They often have higher fees associated with them, and they can more volatile than traditional investments such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

Some can be invested in illiquid investments, making them potentially difficult to exit and price on a regular basis.

As with any investment, the potential for a higher return also means higher risk*.

*Some of our recommended investments involve a high degree of risk and are not suitable for all investors.
Please see the risk warnings section in the information we send to you; they must be read in conjunction with the fund memorandum.
Investors could lose part or all of their capital invested.

We offer in depth knowledge of the alternative investment market to our subscribers.

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5 Of The Best Alternative Investment Vehicles on The Market - 2020

Knowledge Is The Key

According to Strategy&, alternative investments will grow to $18.1 trillion worldwide in 2020.
Find out why…

PLUS: How to invest profitably in the U.K. Health Sector.

The BitCoin Hedge Fund.

Property Investments – double garage, swimming pool & E.U. Passport attached.

PLUS:  Get detailed information on 5 of the most lucrative, high performance, alternative investment vehicles available to the sophisticated investor NOW.

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Why You Need This Guide If You Want to Maximise Your ROI

What we do, why we exist and how we help hundreds of successful, sophisticated and individual investors and institutions.

Investment Opportunity – COVID-19 Lockdown “A Huge Catalyst To Drive Digital Services”

The e-Commerce Fund we would like to draw your attention to was launched in 2014 with the dedicated aim of investing in the companies, technology and digital platforms that drive the exchange of value across electronic networks.

The long-term investment returns available to investors are truly phenomenal. Since launch the change in the world driven by the ecommerce revolution has been almost beyond comprehension.

See Why Pension Fund Portfolios Love Alternative Investments

Pensions are still investing heavily into the alternative investments marketplace the study shows.

Do they know something? They usually do…

Loan Notes Enhance An Intelligent Portfolio

Loan notes. the most popular entry into the alternative investmnet marketplace.

The right property developer loan note can certainly enhance the ROI that you should expect on your investment portfolio.

Invest In e-Commerce – $ 1 Trillion Growth Per Annum

“Our definition of e-Commerce is ‘the transfer of value over electronic networks’ – there’s a lot more to it than just technology.”

With global retail e-Commerce sales set to increase from $4.2trn in 2020 to $6.5trn in 2023 ( excluding B2B e-Commerce! ), there is a great deal of scope for continued growth.

5 Investments To Beat The Recession That’s Coming

A lot of investors haven’t woken up to the reality of the new ‘normal’.

A recession is looming. You need to act NOW to protect your wealth.

Here’s how…

In 1999 Alternatives Made Up 6% of a Sophisticated Portfolio. In 2020 It’s 25%. Why?

In 1999, just before the dot com crash, alternatives made up roughly 6% of a sophisticated portfolio, however in 2020 we see this figure at 25% and looking to increase their weighting over the next decade.

This increase in allocation has given way to far more sophistication and security in ways to invest in alternatives and created a far more accessible market for individual investors which was previously only the privilege of large institutional investors.

Healthcare Investment – A High Performance Sector If You Can Find The Right Vehicles

Healthcare – Europe’s largest private equity invested marketplace

The independent sector, particularly at the higher acuity end in recent years, has benefited from historic and current trends in demand for specialist care and hospital provision.

Going forward, demand for care placements will continue to increase and will be largely driven by underlying population growth…

The Biggest Financial Event In Your Lifetime Is Now Unfolding.

Your absolute number one priority right now as a sophisticated investor should be to financially protect yourself and your families from the consequences of what is now unfolding.

Investing in Fast Growth, Global Technology & e-Commerce Businesses

Unique Hands On Approach To U.K. Early Stage Technology Investment

The fund was founded in 2014 by a successful and experienced team of entrepreneurs and investors. The fund is focused on bringing a unique hands on approach to UK early stage technology investment and has arranged investments into 24 companies.

It provides a unique combination of mentorship, experience and the access to investment required to drive a business and ideas to success.

The World’s First Fund Of Funds Focusing On Blockchain Technology Investment Opportunities

Thinking of investing in Bitcoin?

The Fund bridges the gap between fiat and crypto-asset classes by applying risk management techniques and customising them to the crypto emerging asset class.

AIP Recommend this diversified multi-strategy approach that captures the sector’s development while reducing downside risk – in what is still a volatile and complex sector.

Information is your key to financial success

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Demographics Driven Fastest Growth Sector – Specialist Elderly Care. Supply and demand imbalances in a fragmented market ripe for consolidation. Buy at 7 x multiple, expand and grow and sell at 13 x multiple min 18% IRR asset property backed.
E-Commerce – Life changing business opportunities “but how can I participate in the growth of the next Amazon ( Bezos worth $113billion) or Facebook? ( Zuckerberg worth $55 billion)” Most start ups fail or don’t make money how can I invest and make a 10-100 fold return?
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Read our News Blog – Alternative Investment News – Hit the link in the menu
U.K. Healthcare Investment Fund. 5% returns every 6 months. Short Term Investment Possible
A ‘Heads Up’ On A Very Attractive Loan Note Offer. The Investor gains 12% p.a. or 24% over 2 years. Invest Into A Very Strong U.K Property Fund With Excellent Performance Metrics
The Alternative Investment Platform – ‘Investments Beyond The Ordinary’

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